About Societly

Societly is an independent, non-partisan organization with a mission to improve democracy and cultivate a more informed electorate, elevating civic engagement and connecting like-minded citizens.

We are a team of entrepreneurs, technologists and leading political scientists that have led the development and distribution of large-scale Voting Advice Applications in Europe, including euprofiler.eu, euandi.eu and valijakompass.err.ee, that were used by millions. From this experience, we are now providing voters in the U.S. with innovative and objective tools that clearly define how candidates, elected officials and propositions align with citizens' views, values and priorities, thus helping everyone participate more easily and effectively in politics.


Societly is led by:

Garrett Taylor - Executive Director

Diego Garzia - Academic Director

Nicholas Kurlas - Development & Communications Director

Kristjan Vassil - Technology Director


Our team of Political Scientists and their University Affiliations include:

Maneesh Arora - University of California at Irvine

Andrea De Angelis - European University Institute & New York University

Diego Garzia - European University Institute

Aldo Paparo - Hoover Institution, Stanford University

Sierra J. Powell - University of California at Irvine

Kristjan Vassil - University of Tartu


Mission Statement

Societly was founded on the belief that every citizen should have the ability to easily obtain a thorough, non-partisan understanding of political candidates and issues.

For more information please visit http://www.societly.org/